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We are founded on 3 principles of healing.

We gathered to support you on your healing journey.



We believe you heal yourself. You are your own guru.

Guided by our desire to support you in healing, we are a practitioner-led wellness center for holistic living.
We hold an inclusive space for you to heal and practitioners to thrive.

Through the extensive list of practitioner modalities, educational opportunities and herbal offerings in the apothecary, you become part of our community. Here you will learn, grow and expand into a greater well-being of body, mind and spirit.

We welcome all who seek transformation and healing and who are ready to discover new components of their own healing. Read on...



You have found the community your seeking. Find the combination of health practices or spiritual guidance you need.

Members have exclusive services and packages designed for maintaining a vital and healthy body mind and soul.

Choose your own adventure.

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