Calyx Vision Statement

Our Practitioner Perspective:

Our clients’ journeys intertwine with our own. We collaborate between Calyx practitioners and refer externally, when appropriate, with like minded medical professionals and centers.

We support you with tools, resources and information to start or continue your journey of deep and lasting health and happiness.

We recognize the deep vulnerability that comes of injury, illness, healing and growth. Calyx practitioners support with respect for the individual process and non-judgment about the path that has been traveled.

Each Calyx practitioner shares their view of healing from a place of respect and personal experience. In order for us to serve others, we are committed to continuing to walk our own healing journey by gathering as a community, seeking counsel with teachers, other Calyx healing practitioners and self-reflecting. We honor the healing process of individuals, clients and professionals, as much as the outcome.

We honor and respect the lineage of our healing practices. Upholding their teachings, and speaking the teachers’ names, when appropriate, is a starting point. We are aware that Western culture has silenced and stolen from many indigenous traditions to the extent of cultural appropriation. Calyx practitioners continue to learn and unlearn these aspects of the ways that we all contribute to and perpetuate oppression and colonialization.

Our World View


Our space holds the energy of self-love, self-awareness and self-healing. As a community, we support every individual in gaining greater insight about the nature of their own health and wellness.

We welcome conversations and hold space for those seeking community in a time of separation and labels. Calyx is a community of healing and growth for both practitioners and clients. Calyx practitioners are committed to learning how to best hold space for all humans who seek our support. We acknowledge that unspoken or unconscious biases can play a role in actions and decisions and we seek to better understand the cultures of non-dominant groups in order to best facilitate healing and support for those whose experiences differ from ours.

We acknowledge that we inhabit the occupied lands of the Tonkawa, Lipan Apache and Comanche who have been and continue to be forcefully and systemically dispossessed of their land, and as a result, of their culture. As we conduct healing, we are aware of the deep impact of this history both within individuals and society. We begin by acknowledging our individual privilege, and collectively use it to change the way society functions through healing practices and education.

All representations of our human family are welcome and respected. We recognize the universal energies that inhabit each of us and seek to honor them as aspects that unite us internally and universally. The feminine is lovingly represented by open arms and reverence for the dark and internal work needed as we heal from trauma and shed light on our silenced souls.The masculine is alive in our change, our courage to step into a new paradigm of health care and explore new bounds of our inner and outer worlds.

We recognize and revere our close dependence upon Mother Earth. We acknowledge the weight of our responsibility as humans living here to steward, protect and nurture Her and to minimize the negative impact upon the health of Her environment for the sustainability of future generations of all Earthly creatures.

Join us in building a community of healers, therapeutic professionals and empowered folk guided by balance, acceptance, awareness and love.

Seek the places within your mind, body or soul that you dare to tread, and there you’ll find us holding space and supporting your desire to grow.



South Austin Location


1803 South 1st St. Unit A
Austin, TX 78704


Appoinments Available:

9am – 9pm M-F

Walk in and By Appointment on Weekends

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our Founders

herbs and wellness studio

Stephanie Berry & Anneliese Wainwright

Stephanie & Annee hold a vision for healthcare that is transformed into something truly supportive of the humans it serves. Health is about feeling vital and inspired. Using your energy to grow and create your beautiful life.

CALYX was born out of the need for continuous and integrated care for the folks we encountered in our respective practices. Stephanie in midwifery and women’s primary care and Annee in allopathic mental and behavioral health.

Our shared visions collided & here we stand.

One person—one practitioner—can never be all things to all people. We need community and support for healing on many levels, not just the physical.

CALYX fills this need. We are here, as a team and a community to help guide and model health care how we envision it for the future. Please, come in and be with us!