Chrissy Batista

Custom Birth Chart Readings


My name is Chrissy. I believe we all have gifts and talents to share with the world. I also believe that on this earth we are all on a journey to come into alignment with ourselves or higher selves. For the longest time I was afraid of what others thought about me in terms of my beliefs. I grew up in a Christian home yet was always interested in esoteric topics like Astrology because it simply made sense to me. I felt ashamed of actually studying Astrology for a while because I felt like it went against my beliefs. There finally came a time when I said I will not continue to limit myself and hinder the yarning within my heart because of others' judgments. 

I started to study Astrology to understand myself on a deeper level. We are all complex beings with many intricate parts of us mixed together to give the conception of self. Astrology has helped me and many others that I have worked with, understand those intricate parts in a way that no other study has for me. Through Astrology I've been able to see the interconnectedness of all species and magic within all. I hope to be of service to others by bringing Astrology alive in a way that is simple to understand your complex self. You and I are magic, I believe it, the stars tell me so, the universe tells me so. Let's explore that together.