Want more energy? I thought so.

Want more energy?  I thought so.

These days who wouldn’t?  We’re constantly trying to “bend time” to get what we need done during the day.  Energy is a must. Unfortunately, many of us don’t feel energized.

This is true with me this week.  My toddler decided to stop sleeping, and I am tired.  Exhausted, really. As a mom of 3, and a small business owner, any sudden drop in my sleep bank immediately throws me off.  I could handle it in my 20’s…not in my 40’s.

But, thanks to years of study and applying these principals which I’m going to share with you, I have a handy toolkit to get me through the rough patches, and yes, there are some rough patches—not glossing over this one.  No, life isn’t perfect (it would be if I were sleeping) but, I can not only get through my days, but I can thrive.

Tips for More Energy and an Invitation

  1. Sleep: you knew this would be number one!  At least 7-9 hours minimum. The hours before midnight are like magical sleep balms, so get them in.

  2. Stress Management: Your Adrenal glands produce the Fight or Flight hormones, and if we are stressed, sleep deprived, etc. our hormone cycles can get wacky, depleted, and we can feel pretty low energy at different times of day.

  3. Nutritious foods: We NEED our foods to have high quality nutrients, like minerals and vitamins, healthy fats, and building proteins to keep us on track.

  4. Water: Simple yet profound.  Our bodies are @ 70% water on average, and if we aren’t getting enough, then we can have some sluggishness.

  5. Herbs, herbs and more herbs.  As an herbalist, herbs are my friend, my go-to, and for energy, my number one support.  But, I’m not just talking about a tea bag thrown into a cup, once a day . It’s simply not enough for the results you need.

Invitation to learn more:  I have an awesome class series coming up (The First one is FREE as a Calyx Community Class) and we are going to :

  • Sample herbal infusions to balance your body and increase energy

  • Learn superfoods, herbs, and more for increasing energy

  • Nutrient-dense foods to incorporate into our daily routine

  • Lifestyle hacks for more energy

  • Recipes, Recipes, and More recipes!!! So you can start crafting your own goodness!

  • Lots of juicy tidbits based on 20 years of learning, playing, and experimenting with nutrition and herbs.

Renew Your Health Class Series


Stephanie Berry