Meditation for Depression

 Meditation: How & Why it Works to Clear Depression 

The majority of people with depression have more than one thing going on, in their lives and in their physical bodies.  How to manage the complexities around this is a big task in and of itself.  Part of the issue is that treatment is often hard to manage and ineffective much of the time.  Because there are complexities.  And so it becomes a vicious cycle to both treat and live with depression.

 There is a way to break vicious cycles, and one way is through the art and science of meditation.  Controlled breathing and strengthening of the nervous system can calm the body and strengthen an over-scheduled, over-taxed-by-modern-life system, where we are bombarded with more planetary pressure than ever before (more on that on a later blog), and more debilitating depression. 

The way to break a vicious cycle is to sit with it, be with it, and breathe with it, so that the energy of emotions can move differently and change.  So that whatever trauma that has triggered the depression can be brought to the surface to be seen, heard, and felt by the deepest part of who we are.  When we do this, we enter into a place that is just for us, that is full of wisdom and peace.  It does not mean we will never feel depressed, but it means we will have begun to break the cycle, and we can have room to feel the love for our lives again.


Margaret Burns