What is Clinical Hypnosis

What is Clinical Hypnosis?

A guided relaxation that helps you to access a level of consciousness other than waking or sleeping.

A safe and efficient tool for growth and self change, applicable to virtually any area of life.

A technique for focusing mindful awareness and increasing suggestibility.

A scientifically proven modality employed to address specific behaviors and reactions.

What Can Clinical Hypnosis  Address?

Ask yourself, what areas of your life need self improvement?  

Just a few examples of areas we can work on include:

  • Eliminate unwanted or unhealthy habits such as phobias, smoking or poor food choices.

  • Improved focus, learning and memory retention

  • Build self confidence and healthy self talk

  • Improve sleep habits and sleep hygiene

  • Manage stress

  • Support healthy immune responses

  • Tap into creative juices

  • Supercharge goal motivation and

  • Increase energy

What Hypnosis Isn't...

Mind control

Truth Serum

Loss of Consciousness or sleep

A test of gullibility

A supernatural place

Contraindicated by any medication or other therapeutic modality

The same as practicing psychology