Why Empaths are Exhausted (& What You Can Do About It)


I love this article. It brings together so many aspects of what it’s like to walk through life as someone who has grown up OPEN.  Feelings are energy, which comes in and out of the field, of the mental body, as well as the physical body, and impacts how much we can do, self-actualize, & create for our own selves.  If we are energetically sensitive, chances are we have created an illusion that what we feel is unimportant.  When our feelings are unimportant, we sense that we are unimportant.  Our soul, which is always the feeling aspect of our greatest blueprint, deflates.  Our spirit, which I believe comes down from our highest connection, cuts off.  We are disassociated from both who we truly are, what we came to do, our highest potential, our intuition, and our guidance.

To reconnect to these must be our top priority.  AND, if we identify as empaths, the problem is that anything we feel, we feel deeply, whether it is ours or not, from this lifetime or not, real, made up, imagined, dreamt.  The stronger the sensation, the deeper it is driven into the energetic body, and the harder it is to remove and let go.  So reconnection itself can be brutal.  A re-feeling when we are STILL feeling is overwhelming to the now-burdened nervous system.  The result is the empathic, sensitive person unconsciously drives toward sensory-seeking, both high-reward neurological sensations to a cathartic retracing of the original trauma.  Compulsion to complete a pattern will continue unless the subconscious, which is stored in the nervous system, is resolved, along with truth around the feelings that keep emerging. 

Meditation, good sleep, and taking care of the body, especially the kidneys and adrenals, are essential to healing and strengthening the empath physiology.  But it is often not enough.  We can help--we offer hypnosis, herbal medicine, talk therapy, energy medicine, nutritional counseling, and more.  Take care of your feeling body so you can be in the world with more strength, purpose, and joy.

Margaret Burns