Botanical fragrance

Crystal Davidson

Custom Botanical Fragrance Creation Session

Explore your personal scent with a detailed evaluation, samples and alternates until your perfect fragrance is complete. During your consultation we tap into your inspiration, imagination and personality while outlining the qualities you envisioning for your personal fragrance. You receive a half ounce blend in the either a solid, perfume, cologne, body spray, or personal care products in the apothecary. Choose any or all of the above at a additional package price!


Understanding the process

Creating a custom botanical fragrance is extensive or simple depending on where you are in your life.

A fragrance takes at minimum between 6-8 weeks to fully mature and release it’s true essence. Expect the formulating to be a creative process akin to creating a song or a painting, each layer bringing nuances and subtleties of individual parts into a perfectly orchestrated whole.

Client answers to the questionnaire with direct the process of creation. Sometimes the fragrances are a straight forward and present quickly and easily, almost immediately. I've had clients be thrilled within a first batch of samples, before they had even fully matured!

Other times, you’ll grow with the fragrance as it matures and unfolds. Each way is the perfect process for each clients situation. I've created extensively refined fragrances which took months to fully perfect. While this seems like a lot of time, most of this is spent letting the fragrance age and re-evaluating where it's at with the client and letting the client experiment with the samples to get to know the fragrances, to see if they love it.

Custom blends of botanical fragrances and aromatherapy are valuable for businesses and individual clients.