Botanical fragrance

We offer custom blended botanical fragrances and aromatherapy blends for both business and individual clients.

Signature personalized fragrance

Includes evaluation, samples and alternates until your perfect fragrance is complete. Your custom fragrance is then formulated, prices include at 1/2 oz materials and small batch fee, and are available as a solid, perfume, cologne, body spray, or may be incorporated into personal care products in the apothecary. Choose any or all of the above!

The process of creating a custom botanical fragrance can be as extensive or as simple as you like and can be a time consuming process, depending on how complex your signature fragrance needs to be. A fragrance takes at minimum between 6-8 weeks to fully mature. Expect the creation process itself to take some time as well depending on client need and preference or something simple and straight forward the creation processing time can be almost immediate, I've had clients be thrilled within a first batch of samples- before they had even fully matured!

However, I've also created extensively refined fragrances which took months to fully perfect. While this seems like a lot of time, most of this is spent letting the fragrance age and re-evaluating where it's at with the client and letting the client experiment with the samples to get to know the fragrances, to see if they love it. My time actively creating the fragrance is where rates are set, unless rate is determined by the project as a whole beforehand. This is an option that may appeal to business owners who may need several fragrances developed.

Formulating a blend is a creative process akin to creating a song or a painting, each layer bringing nuances and subtleties of individual parts into a perfectly orchestrated whole.

My Custom Botanical Fragrance consultation questionnaire is meant to inspire the imagination while outlining exactly those qualities you are envisioning for your own custom fragrance. Feel free to elaborate or add any extra information to my consultation and email back at