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Interpersonal Process Group Sampler - Free offering

It’s a Choose-Your-Own-Interpersonal-Adventure: Exploring interpersonal relating through group processing OR
All the cool kids are doing group therapy and guess what, you are invited!

Negotiating boundaries and relating with those we open ourselves up to is an important aspect of how humans connect to one another. But how do we examine and improve those skills in a safe and open space? How do we refine our skills with other people to develop new skills to enhance and improve our most personal relationships? Where do we get to beta test new ways of relating to others safely?

Join Victoria for a series of fun interactive experiences and games in which the group will define and determine the direction of interaction. Nothing is pre-determined. Those who attend will guide the direction and outcome. But how easy is it to get vulnerable? Are you willing to push your edge to find out?

Some of the insights the experience may provide include:

--Greater curiosity about yourself and about how you go about introducing yourself to others in a new and dynamic setting;

--Insights into your inner workings as a related, complicated and often times conflicted creature;

--How you define and communicate boundaries;

--Do your boundaries serve as a means of expression and creating safety within the scope of growth.

Ultimately, interpersonal process groups are a longer term commitment. This experience is an introduction and invitation to join us in further weekly groups of a similar setting as a continuing exploration of how you relate to others and how they simultaneously relate to you.

How we relate to others is a key to unlocking how we relate to ourselves and constitute the health, community and alchemy humans require for better living.

Better relationships to ourselves and others is key to all aspects of health. Relating to others and thereby building longer term relationships within the group with other members builds a greater sense of identification and community for the individual. Finally, the experience of change within an interpersonal process group is the alchemy that sustains growth and greater insight and strength as an individual. Each of these aspects are addressed through the experience of Interpersonal Process Groups at Calyx Wellness Studio.

Furthermore, as growth and change occurs, other aspects of the
the self may be supported through other modalities available through Calyx Wellness Studio and its practitioners. No matter how you evolve, change and grow, Calyx Wellness Studio can support this alchemy and transformation.

Earlier Event: June 15
June: Walk-in Herbal Health Clinic
Later Event: July 11
Practitioner Meeting