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We are founded on 3 principles of healing. We gather to support you on your healing journey.



Here we address our physical bodies. Often times, this is the first sign that we are out of balance. Our bodies begin sending messages we’ve been ignoring. Within our group, we use herbs, body work, meditation and nutrition to support PHYSICAL healing.



Community equals support. Community provides guidance. Community give reflection and feedback. We all want to feel heard, understood and appreciated for our uniqueness. Joining our community feels warm and welcoming, just like home.



Transformation of mind, body and soul happens through alchemy. Seemingly like magic, one moment or experience can reshape and reframe our life. Calyx holds that space. Opens the door of alchemy.


We believe you heal yourself. You are your own guru. Guided by our desire to support you in healing, we are a practitioner-led wellness center for holistic living. We hold an inclusive space for individuals to heal and practitioners to thrive.

Through the extensive list of practitioner modalities, educational opportunities and herbal offerings in the apothecary, you become part of our community. Here you will learn, grow and expand into a greater wellness and well-being in body, mind and spirit. We welcome all who seek transformation and healing and who are ready to discover new components of their own healing.

Calyx holds space for healers and therapeutic professionals from a variety of disciplines to hold classes, meetings, events or individual sessions. We believe that healing occurs most powerfully in community and seek to support and build connection within the community of healers in Austin, Texas.

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