As a psychologist I work with individuals, families and couples on both a short and long term basis.

People work with me because they are feeling unfulfilled, confused, sad, angry, overwhelmed; or they seek help in establishing a romantic relationship or learning how to better communicate within one. Sometimes identities and self understanding are in flux and we are in need of support or grounding and guidance; other times we seek growth and increased wellness for its own sake and inherent value.

The human condition is complex and frequently requires a multitude of modalities to facilitate the process. Here at Calyx we work as an integrative team and I am simply a part of the system.

Few people enter a therapy or counseling relationship without trepidation and this journey begins with finding a therapist to trust. The best way to embark on this leap of faith is to gather information and establish a relationship with a therapist who is potentially a good fit. I welcome the opportunity to do so in either a consultation phone call or (more ideally) a face-to-face meeting. The process is not easy and a complimentary match is key to the success of any therapeutic relationship.


Join Victoria for a series of fun interactive experiences and games in which the group will define and determine the direction of  interaction. Nothing is pre-determined. Those who attend will guide the direction and outcome. But how easy is it to get vulnerable?  Are you willing to push your edge to find out?

Some of the insights the experience may provide include:

  • Greater curiosity about yourself and about how you go about introducing yourself to others in a new and dynamic setting;

  • Insights into your inner workings as a related, complicated and often times conflicted creature;

  • How you define and communicate boundaries;

  • Do your boundaries serve as a means of expression and creating safety within the scope of growth.

Ultimately, interpersonal process groups are a longer term commitment.  This experience is an introduction and invitation to join us in further weekly groups of a similar setting as a continuing exploration of how you relate to others and how they simultaneously relate to you.

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