Clinical hypnosis

And Behavioral Health Herbalism

with annee

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Smart, motivated, directed, heart-felt and striving for authenticity.  Does this describe you?

So why is your internal critic so damn powerful?  Is she a pro at saying all the most hurtful things?

How do we retrain our brain to turn down the volume  on the bitchy critic and turn up the volume on the loving self who thinks you deserve a hug?

You know the loving self is in there.  She is the one speaking to your children, your  friends, your family and even your pets.  

Let’s enhance the positive messaging inside your own mind. 

Let's get your mind and body working on the same team.

Let's direct your powerful mind to build a stronger YOU.

Herbs for Mental Health and Support

Do herbs support mental health?

Yes, BUT it is time to engage a specialist if you really want to explore how herbs and supplements can support behavioral health in the long term.

 In particular, I work frequently with clients to address concerns related to anxiety and depression. In fact, the terms “depression” and “anxiety” no longer apply to a diagnosis but instead are a common complaint of living life in our culture.

There are a million different statements made in the inter webs about which herbs help which conditions.

There are just as many false or unverified claims about the health benefits of herbs and supplements, particularly in the realm of behavioral health.

I am an herbalist who specializes in behavioral health.

I work with herbs and supplements specifically to address these issues and unlike a generalist, this is the scope of my practice.

By narrowing my scope, I am able to remain informed on the current state of research and science with regards to herbal supplementations while still working with the traditional uses and applications of herbs historically relied upon by humans.

How can an herbalist specialized in behavioral health help me?

In addition to being a clinical hypnotherapist and an herbalist, I have been a Registered Nurse for nearly 20 years in the fields of Emergency Medicine, Community Medicine and Behavioral Health. Chances are, whatever medications or supplement you may be taking, I’ve administered it and had clients who have taken it. I speak fluent pharmaceutcialese. :)

An initial consultation with a behavioral health herbalist specialist includes:

  • Full medication and supplement review;

  • Full medical history and assessment;

  • Detailed care plan for action utilizing herbs and/or supplements as appropriate

  • As well as time line for further integrative follow up.