Hypnosis and Holistic behavioral health

with annee

Hypnosis for Anxiety and Depression

I specialize in clients with anxiety and/or depression (diagnosed or undiagnosed).

In my opinion, anxiety/ depression is an epidemic in our culture.

Chances are you or someone you know is experiencing some of the symptoms right now.

Ruminating, sleeplessness, excessive worry, preoccupation with details, hypercritical internal self, spacing out when you don’t want to, feeling overwhelmed, loss of appetite, lethargy, damaged relationships, impaired communication, feelings of overwhelm and disorganization are just a few of the aspects of anxiety and/or depression that people can have.

Hypnosis can effectively calm and retrain the brain away from these anxious and depressed feedback loops through practice.

Hypnosis can be effective regardless of whether your are taking medications or not and is not contraindicated by any medication prescribed by your doctor.

Instead of anxious worry and depressive hopelessness, hypnosis can implant more positive and empowered thoughts and beliefs into the subconscious mind.

Less fear and more positivity in the subconscious mind equals a calmer, more resilient you in your daily life. 

Book a 90 minute appointment to begin retraining your brain toward a calmer, more resilient you.

Hypnosis for Real Support

As a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in psychiatric nursing, I specialize in hypnosis as an effective tool to support improved wellness related to:

  • Medical: Pre-operative/Post-operative Surgery, Health Concerns, Chronic Illness

  • Lifestyle: Diet changes, Sleep improvement, Stress reduction

  • Behavioral: Study habits, Procrastination, Lack of motivation, Lack of self esteem, Fears, Divorce support, Depression, Anxiety and excessive rumination

Hypnosis allows you to experience real and immediate change simply by experiencing in a conscious way, the power of your unconscious mind

Holistic Behavioral Health

I am a psychiatric nurse, a hypnotherapist and a clinical herbalist who specializes in holistic behavioral health.

It is time to engage a specialist if you really want to explore how herbs and supplements and complimentary therapies can support behavioral health in the long term.

How can a holistic specialist in behavioral health help me?

If you take medications or are carrying a behavioral health diagnosis, your behavioral health can be supported in a more holistic way. You do NOT need to stop taking medication or change the treatment plan that you have currently in place with your prescriber/provider. Holistic behavioral health meets you where you are now. Together we will formulate a care plan that is achievable and intended to augment whatever therapies you have currently in place.

What services do you offer?

  • Full medication and supplement review;

  • Holistic Medication Taper Packages;

  • Holistic Behavioral Health Consult;

  • Alternative/Complimentary options to support behavioral health that are NOT contraindicated by current medication regime.

  • Holistic Behavioral Health Care plans formulated in conjunction with your provider and other Calyx integrative practitioners.