Whole Foods Heal

Whole Foods Heal


What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is a system designed to offer specific tools for managing clients & assessing the body’s nutritional deficiencies using the body’s innate intelligence, and teach others how to address those weaknesses through properly prepared, whole foods diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes.  

How is Herbal Medicine used with Nutritional Therapy?

Plants  (Herbs) contain many nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body.  As a Clinical Herbalist, I may recommend certain herbs to help supplement your body with the nutrition that it needs to support it overall or to target certain organ systems.  Herbs come in many forms: diet/food:, capsules, combined with other nutrients or used alone; tinctures (alcohol or glycerin based), powders, and more.

What can I expect in a Consultation

We start with an Information Gathering Call or an Initial Consultation + Follow Up booking. I will send you a set of paperwork with instructions to be filled out 3-5 days before our meeting. In the first meeting we will discuss those findings based on your self reported symptoms, and I will gather further information about you and your situation. I do not use ready made protocols, and I will work with you to design a customized approach to your health and wellness. We will discuss this in the Follow Up session.

About Love & Unity Wellness

Love and Unity Wellness is owned and operated by Jennifer Reinhart, a clinically trained herbalist and nutritional therapy practitioner (NTP) who wants to bring more health and healing into the world by:

When we feel good in our bodies, balanced in our mind, and open in our Spirit, we can realize that we are ALL One, radiating love and compassion to our fellow companions, and embodying love and unity.