stephanie berry midwife austin

Stephanie Berry

Licensed Midwife
Clinical Herbalist
Women's Health Advocate
Mindset Junkie

Stephanie is the go-to guide for women’s health and pregnancy at Calyx. She's using herbal medicine and midwifery to change the world of health care for those of us sporting a uterus.  She's supported over 200 women who chose to birth outside of the hospital.

Stephanie loves helping women heal from painful periods, bloating, irrational eating every month as well with simple herbal remedies and lifestyle hacks.

She realized how much power women hold when she birthed her first baby at home (with her foot on a cooler, Texas-style) with just the rock solid support of her partner. It led her to create a biz for women with women. 


Anneliese Wainwright

Registered Nurse
Clinical Hypnotist
Clinical Herbalist
Northern Tradition Völva

After nearly 20 years as a Registered Nurse, Anneliese (“Annee”) Wainwright has seen firsthand how herbs, hypnosis and non-ordinary states of consciousness can help clients gain insight to radically improve their physical and behavioral health. Annee particularly loves working with clients seeking support for (diagnosed or subjectively experienced) depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, self limiting beliefs and feelings of isolation and loneliness.

She is a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

When she isn’t busy creating space at Calyx Wellness Studio for health, community and alchemy, she is exploring the mindfulness of crochet, dancing in the light of every full moon, celebrating through ritual the ancestral wisdom of nature and wrangling 2 children, 2 poodles and a workaholic partner into an ancient rattly Volvo for adventures amidst the flora and fauna of Texas.

Victoria Acebo - psychologist austin

Victoria Acebo


Victoria was born and raised in Miami, Florida by spicy Cuban parents.  She grew up spoiled by Floridian beaches and frequent trips to Disney and never fully embraced adulting over child-like curiosity.  

Victoria is a mom, an athlete, an Ivy Leaguer, a clinical psychologist, a member of the LGBT community and able to check numerous other boxes, when required.  However, most importantly, Victoria is a believer in the power of presence in a therapeutic setting. She has a genuine passion for interpersonal process groups and holding space for clients guided by her intuition and presence as they navigate their own paths through the challenges of relationships, family, transition and adulting with a capital A.

Victoria spends her free time with her two young children seeking more outlets for childhood wonder, compulsively listening to audio books while walking her enigmatic curly haired chihuahua mutt and hiking greenbelts in search of treasure.

Individual Therapy & Group Therapy Austin


Crystal Davidson

Botanical Perfumer
Tarot Artist
Organic Landscaper
Mom of 2
General all around plant geek

Crystal works with both energetic and physical properties of plants to promote a holistic balance of wellness, beauty, and spiritual connection to the natural world with clients and community.

She uses a variety of elements in her healing and spiritual work, as needed, such as medicinal fungi, herbs, and nutrition, basic aromatherapy, freshly distilled hydrsols, tarot readings, flower and gem essences, spiritual cleanings & guided ritual, folk magic, alchemy.

Special area of interests and work: Chronic health issues, general family herbalism, the special needs and concerns for people with disabilities, the elderly, the LGBTQIA+ community.

She creates luxurious, effective, custom blended botanical product formulation for home, body, and private label apothecary lines for small boutique companies, niche botanical perfumery, intuitive tarot readings, biodynamic & organic landscape and garden design projects.


Margaret Burns

Energy Practitioner
Lover of all things Esoteric

Margaret believes in radical whole-human care using energy medicine, acupressure and meridian therapy, craniosacral work, and rebuilding of the nervous system. She is a root-cause practitioner and loves to empower people through spiritual wellness.

Margaret’s work has taken her around the world to study at the source (meditation in India and spiritual healing in Central America). She has also studied biomedical ethics and public health, and her masters report was on how alternative modalities work.

Margaret speaks on mindfulness, the life of the Empath, the Esoteric Woman, and is a part of Hive Global Leaders, whose vision is a happy, healthy, and fully alive world for all people.

Contact Margaret: or 512-629-6976


Jennifer Reinhart

Nutritional Therapist

Jennifer loves helping people find the answers to their health imbalances and to feel empowered with their health and lifestyle choices.  Starting out in the Psychology field, she spent years dedicating her life to the well being of others, especially underserved populations including survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, homeless populations, immigrants, at-risk teens, and special education.  

Over time, she realized that the root cause some of the issues of those she worked with was not being addressed and mainly left ignored, while the symptoms were masked with powerful and addictive medications.  With the extremely stressful work she was doing, she herself suffered with hormonal, digestive, and other imbalances, and started seeking help to address the root causes of these issues.

She eventually pursued a career in her passions for nutrition, herbal medicine, and empowered natural healing after years of study, an herbal product line, and a small apothecary practice.  She loves working with people of all ages and stages, especially those with stubborn issues. She is also Bilingual in Spanish.

Contact Jennifer: or 512-945-5575


Mijkl Blue

Energy Practitioner
Spiritual Medium
Body Worker

Mijkl's passion is self-growth and connection to Spirit. His mission is to support others to access more of who they really are, heal from old wounds, and find their own personal connection to All.  

For over 8 years, he's focused on doing the work it takes to heal, grow and thrive.  He believes that every one of us has the potential within to stand strong in our own power. 
As an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Mijkl's goal is to support the healthy movement of life force through the body.  Moving stuck energy, and keeping it in healthy circulation, is a magnificent aid and companion treatment to regaining overall health and well-being. 

At Calyx, he offers his service as the highest form of Love

Contact Mijkl: or 415-624-6976


Anastasia Allington

Embodiment Practitioner
Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor
Sex, Intimacy, and Relationship Sherpa
Certified Cuddle Therapist
Modern Day Hecate

Anastasia brings presence and insight to her sessions offering an open, safe container where her clients can explore every aspect of themselves.

Her own journey to embodiment began when she was introduced to yoga in 2006 and a seemingly simple practice of breath and movement transformed the quality of her life, from one of depression and anxiety to one of peace and ease. She realized that healing comes from within; that our bodies contain all of the wisdom needed to shift in a desired direction. She also observed that this awareness is an initial step and that support, tools, and practices are essential as we learn what it means to listen to ourselves and move in the direction unique to our own optimization.

Anastasia draws on her own life experience and her extensive training in mindfulness, psychology, and body-based modalities to engage with clients as they learn how to access their own desired state of well-being in order to create a richer, fuller life experience.

Contact Anastasia: or 512-767-8555


Taryn Altendorfer

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Taryn is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, and Ordained Minister. After completing her degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) she completed a two-year post-graduate clinical residency, where she provided instruction and supervision to beginner interns in the clinic. In this role she grew even more deeply as a practitioner because in the teacher role she further learned that it takes more than textbook knowledge and techniques to be successful; it is when knowledge and techniques are combined with treating genuinely and authentically from the Spirit that yield the best outcomes.

Prior to her studies in TCM, Taryn completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and went on to earn a Master of Science in Ministry with an emphasis in Family Systems Theory and Counseling. Taryn's education, training, work and life experience equip her to holistically help others: Mind, Body, and Spirit. Her practice philosophy includes compassion and attentiveness at the core of her treatments because she believes the client-practitioner relationship is a key component to optimize healing.

When not wearing her Acupuncturist hat, you may find Taryn out hiking or running trails, letting out her silly karaoke alter ego, or spending time doing animal caretaking - she believes that our pets teach us profound spiritual lessons that can help awaken us if we just pay attention. Beneath the surface she brings these positive spiritual teachings into her daily life and into her clinical practice.

You can also visit Taryn at Jiv Daya Whole Health

suzanne Massage Austin

Licensed Massage Therapist
Pranic Healing Practitioner
Reiki Practitioner
Personal Chef

Born in Lubbock, Texas, raised by savvy, intelligent and loving educators, my parents and other relatives spent the majority of their lives having to experience the Pain Body.  Being a consummate Empath,  I firmly believe this ultimately led me to find my passion for understanding health and holistic healing, especially the Mind/Body/Spiritual connection.

I am a holistic health practitioner dedicated to helping clients reap the powerfully therapeutic benefits of healing energy. I offer alternative energy based healing techniques designed to complement and enhance any of your current allopathic health approaches. My focus also is to help those of you who have a desire to naturally maintain or regain your health through receiving bodywork and energy medicine regularly as a way of life.  I have roughly 25 years of experience in the healing arts and am particularly interested in spirituality and healing the mind. 

I believe Source Energy created us in health, harmony, with the idea that well-being is our natural birthright.  We can remove any blocks /defenses we have to realizing Love's Presence in our consciousness.  Sometimes we need help along this path.  I truly enjoy connecting with Source to facilitate healing for your Highest Good.  You can read my personal healing journey on my website,

Each client has different needs. After we meet and discuss your needs, I will be intuitively guided on how to proceed and customize your healing plan. Whether we incorporate massage, essential oils, cooking or just pranic healing, I know we can get results. Let me help you achieve health, well-being and harmony.