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[Underneath the pain, anxiety and fatigue]
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[CORE] health & wellness 

One on one session, centered on a health concern that's keeping you off your game. 

In this CORE health session, you'll get a personalized look at what's causing discomfort for you right now. You’ll get:

  • Clear on the cause of your concern

  • One herbal remedy to take home
    Referrals or recommendations for follow up

  • Dietary Recommendations

  • An affirmation, energetic connections or mind/body work that may be needed.

Need a holistic look at your health, find out more.



Optimize Your Fertility

If you have a chronic concern, like PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, or even anxiety, you may benefit from ongoing support.

Together we lay out a specific plan (usually spanning 12 weeks) that walks you through a comprehensive lifestyle shift. 

Focus is on awareness of the root cause(s), then shifting multiple factors that contribute to the symptoms.

We'll utilize:

  • Herbs and nature connection

  • Spiritual factors of healing

  • Nutrition

  • Body awareness techniques

Your journey includes education and resources. You gain insight as you reflect on your past, while creating a new vital lifestyle that supports long lasting health. You are equipped with natural lifestyle tools that never run out.

Join me now to start your guided health journey!


Add-on: Intuitive Wellness Coaching

Have you been healing and growing in your your health practice?

Would you like expert advice to hone in on a specific health struggle?

Maybe you need just a little insight into where to go next?

Maybe you need a energetic or emotional framework to reflect on what’s been happening within your body?

Medical intuitive sessions include an energetic body scan.

Send me a message if this sounds like you!