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Hey YOU!  Are you a healer, counselor, holistic practitioner, guide or medicine maker in a complimentary or alternative modality of healing or wellness?

  • Do you have a healing practice or modality that you utilize to successfully improve your clients’ wellness?  

  • Are you tired of working solo and wish you could work within a community of like-minded holistic wellness practitioners?  

  • Are you curious about how outcomes for your clients might be amplified in an integrative setting?

  • Are you looking for a physical space to hold workshops or events and create community?

  • Do you want to become part of an integrative practice of practitioners building wellness through health, community and alchemy in Austin, Texas?

If you answered YES, reach out and say hi!  We would love to chat with you about what you are doing and how we might work together to expand the Calyx Wellness community.

Calyx offers practitioner memberships on a 6-month basis. We provide a beautiful and furnished office environment to set up your practice starting with weekly shifts of 6-hours up to 18 hours a week. We have two offices spaces and a group common space for classes, workshops and co-working. We have a kitchen and cozy front porch and yard.

Drop a line, including what type of interest you have (office, workshops, collaborative referral) and you availability for meeting and of course any specific questions related to your work. Talk soon!

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